1st Prize for Glonatech video in European School Contest

The 1st place won educational video about Glonatech, the nanotechnology company of ONEX Group, in European competition for students about nanotechnology.

The first prize won the video for Glonatech, filmed and produced by the students of I.M. Panagiotopoulos High School, in the European film contest on nanotechnologies for students, organised by the European project NanoDiode.

The nanotechnology company of ONEX Group became subject of study for the students of Panagiotopoulos High School, who created a video on Glonatech, as part of their participation in European school video contest for Nanotechnology. The theme was “What kind of nanotechnologies want?” and the students, acting as journalists, attempted to find answers to a series of questions about the science and the applications of nanotechnology addressed to Glonatech’s research team.

Organizers: NanoDiode and EUSJA

The contest was organized by the European project NanoDiode and the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations – EUSJA) and was addressed to students aged 11-18 years across Europe. The open electronic voting process took place via the NanoDiode YouTube channel, where the competing videos were posted, and lasted until January 15, 2015. The final results were announced online on January 31st, following a voting process executed by the Committee, consisted by the project’s partners.

GLONATECH is a pioneer company in the development of advanced materials and nanotechnology applications. It has its own production unit in the industrial area Lamia in Greece and is one of the three companies producing carbon nanotubes on an industrial scale in Europe, while part of its research and laboratory activities are located in the Technological Park of NCSR Demokritos.

The company produces a wide range of nanomaterials, which as additives make end product exceptional, with high-value properties, and can be applied in water treatment applications and surface coatings in the maritime and aviation industry. It also provides applied research and consulting services for the development of nano-structured materials with specific enhanced characteristics.

Recently GLONATECH won a major international award in the global competition for clean technologies, CleanTech Open Global Ideas in San Francisco, as the company’s innovative product NC52 made of carbon nanotubes for oil spills cleaning won a position in the top five best new technologies worldwide.

Watch the video: What kind of Nanotechnologies Do We Want?

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