Glonatech for the 3rd Applied Research & Innovation Competition


Figure 1. Glonatech’s reactors for nanomaterials synthesis

Nanotechnology ‘boosts’ materials such as plastics, paints and building materials”.

Glonatech S.A., subsidiary company of ONEX, is an innovative high technology company, which through its internationally recognized R&D achievements in the field of Nanotechnology meets global industrial demand in advanced materials and products.

As a finalist of the 2nd Contest for Applied Research and Innovation “Greece Innovates” in 2013, co-organized by Eurobank and The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the company shares its valuable experience and its views with the present contestants of the 3rd Nationwide round of the Competition for the period 2014-2015.

Through significant investments, the company has developed methods for designing reactors of proprietary technology and nanotechnology materials that enable the production of high quality nanostructured carbon and the development of innovative applications on industrial scale, in order to improve human life and ensure environmental protection.

These “enhanced” products exhibit improved properties and durability compared to the conventional ones.

For example, by adding carbon nanotubes in automotive plastics, their endurance can be improved up to 50% and their lifespan can be significantly increased, with just 3% additional weight.

The idea came up in 2010, when the signals of the financial crisis showed the need for a shift of the Group business activities to innovative and extrovert fields. Within this context, the company chose to deal with nanotechnology and the development of nanostructured carbon-based products for industrial applications, such as shipping and electronics.


Figure 2. Glonatech’s series of products.

Glonatech has already created a wide range of products and an international network of partners and customers in more than 15 countries.

The company’s future plans are the expansion of its partnerships and the development of new environmental friendly products and applications, which will improve many aspects of human life globally.
According to Mr. Panos Xenokostas, President and CEO of Glonatech:

We have taken important steps for the commercialization of our project, with the expansion of our industrial production unit, which will have the capability to multiply directly its output capacity, according to the international market demands. We have established partnerships with prominent international companies for the development of new products that meet the global market needs.

Glonatech’s research team states that the success of an applied research project lies in the increasing demand for its products and not simply in the uniqueness or importance of the “discovery” itself.

The proper way the company cooperates with its partners can lead to the commercial development of both parties, by creating new jobs, new business fields, more sales and by contributing to the development of local companies as well. However, the most important of all is the “clarity” of the vision and goals in order to implement a targeted strategy.

Glonatech team advises young scientists and researchers who now make their first business steps to:

• Have conducted a comprehensive market study on the impact of the product they wish to commercialize.
• Seek partnerships with people who share the same vision and goals.
• Take quick business actions if possible, in order to maintain the competitiveness of their research or product at an international level.
• Be internationally oriented so as to ensure proper communication with partners abroad.
• Aim to establish long-term relationships and trust with the customers.

Regarding to Glonatech’s participation in the competition, Mr. Xenokostas stresses:

Such initiatives are critical not only for the impressive achievements that are intensively “produced” in Greece, but also for the resulting business prospects and global opportunities implied, in order to trigger business momentum and extroversion that Greece needs.

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Glonatech at the Album of the 2nd Competition for Applied Research & Innovation.

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