Quality Leadership

Glonatech’s quality leadership in the field of nanostructured materials is presented in multiple formats:
• Raw Nanomaterials
• Production Methodologies
• Nanomaterial Processing
• R&D capabilities and services

All these finally result in the development of new and advanced products, which exhibit superior performance. Glonatech is a leading company in its field due to the ability of industrializing its scientific superiority that ensures competitive advantages, which our customers can only obtain via enhancements and improvements of their materials and products.

The company focuses on customers needs and serves flexibility and customization in its production, based on their functional requirements. Glonatech is dedicated to serve its national and international clients specific needs and not its yearly capacity or stock. It creates new business norms via novel ideas and innovation, contributing to the leadership of our customers in their markets.

Glonatech’s partners and customers are those business industries eager to dash into future with us, through the co-development of nanotechnology revolutionary applications. We are committed to be the most valuable partner for our clients and vendors by adhering to responsibility, personal customer care and cooperation. We continuously invest in our people through knowledge enhancement, lifelong training, respect to their values and motivation. We achieve competitive prices through vertical integration, economies of scale and environmentally friendly methodologies.

Our mission is to create nanotechnology applications for a sustainable future.

About Glonatech

ONEX Global Nanotechnologies S.A. (Glonatech) is a nanotechnology company offering nanoscience and nanotechnology solutions, products & services to global product manufacturers.
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