Glonatech is a modern, dynamic and fast growing company, which responds efficiently and promptly to the constant changes of market conditions and scientific developments. Emphasis is given on to a customer-oriented process of development of innovative products and services.

Our People – Our Most Important Asset
The key feature of the company΄s maintenance to a leading position is our human capital, whose enthusiasm, determination, efficiency, reliability and skills, guarantee the company’s healthy growth. Glonatech is the company that gives young and experienced professionals the opportunity to evolve in a constantly challenging working environment.

When you are young you can’t help but pursue your vision. It’s just the power of Mother Nature. Glonatech is the most suitable place where young and enthusiastic researchers can find “fertile ground” in order to cultivate their fresh ideas, to flourish and to convert their concepts, along with Glonatech’s know-how, experience, infrastructure and support, into innovative products or services, multiplying the benefits for themselves, the company, the human kind and the entire world they live in.

Either as an internship, or as an entry level researcher or scientist, with related educational background to Glonatech’s activity fields, we invite newcomers to Glonatech S.A. to bring along their ideas and their enthusiasm in the field of Material Science.

Glonatech’s primary goal is to create scientific breakthroughs in the fields of research activity. Through specialization we develop our own niches. In order to achieve that, we seek for specialized professionals to give added value to the projects we undertake and simultaneously, benefit themselves from boosting up their career and experiencing the path of mutual success. We tend to transform our customers’ problems into challenges and put our expertise and imagination to give them solutions!!

About Glonatech

ONEX Global Nanotechnologies S.A. (Glonatech) is a nanotechnology company offering nanoscience and nanotechnology solutions, products & services to global product manufacturers.
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