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Glonatech at “The Researchers’ Night 2014”

Βραδιά του Ερευνητή 2014

Glonatech S.A., subsidiary nanotechnology company of ONEX, participated with a booth in the “The Researchers’ Night 2014”, the European research and science event for the public, which highlights the work and the contribution of research and researchers, and was held on the 26th of September, 2014 at […]

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Glonatech at the innovative research program “THALES” of Democritus University of Thrace

Glonatech, subsidiary nanotechnology company of ONEX, constitutes the main supplier of the innovative project “THALES” titled “Center for Multifunctional Nanocomposite Construction Materials (Polei Ylika, CMNCM)”. The project is implemented by Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh), in the framework of the Operational Programs of NSRF (National Strategic Reference […]

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Glonatech at the Innovation Exhibition of NCSR Demokritos

Glonatech participates to the Innovation Exhibition hosted in NCSR Demokritos, as a part of the European program “Horizon 2020”, since the beginning of 2014. In the exhibition which is visited by educational institutions, foreign researchers and industrial enterprises, are displayed specimens of the work of Greek scientists […]

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NCSR “Demokritos” Reference to Glonatech and ONEX Activities

demokritos mention of Glonatech Onex nanotechnologies

In its recent press release of July 16th 2014, NCSR “Demokritos” referred to the activities of Glonatech R&D Department at the facilities of TE.S.PA “Lefkippos” and the activities of its mother company ONEX. The success of Glonatech during the last two years, as a finalist at the […]

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Glonatech for the 3rd Applied Research & Innovation Competition

Nanotechnology ‘boosts’ materials such as plastics, paints and building materials”. Glonatech S.A., subsidiary company of ONEX, is an innovative high technology company, which through its internationally recognized R&D achievements in the field of Nanotechnology meets global industrial demand in advanced materials and products. As a finalist of […]

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Glonatech at the 12th International Conference on Protection and Restoration of the Environment

Glonatech S.A., subsidiary company of ONEX, participated in the 12th International Conference on Protection and Restoration of the Environment that was held in Skiathos island, Greece, from June 29 to July 3, 2014. Dr. George Tsiakatouras, Production Manager and Senior Researcher of Glonatech S.A. co-authored a paper […]

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Glonatech S.A., subsidiary company of ONEX, confirming once again its leading position in the field of advanced materials science and modern technological applications of nanotechnology, participated in the 12th EXMATEC 2014, an international conference that was held on 18-20 June 2014 and hosted by the European Cultural […]

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“Glonatech” and the smart “nano-modified concrete” with a Greek signature

Another solution from ONEX through the at-global-level innovative subsidiary nanotechnology company, Glonatech, (ONEX Global Nanotechnologies), which provides greater strength (durability), cracks prediction and future security via Research and Development in co-operation with Titan Group, etc. The Nanotechnology Research Team of Glonatech participates in a crucial research program […]

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About Glonatech

ONEX Global Nanotechnologies S.A. (Glonatech) is a nanotechnology company offering nanoscience and nanotechnology solutions, products & services to global product manufacturers.
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