Dechad Research and Development Project

Call: Bilateral S&T Cooperation between China and Greece, 2012-2014

Development and Characterization of CNTs and graphene based advanced thermally conductive Adhesives for microsystem integration

Project Number: 39/207

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With the increasing demand for high-performance electronic products and miniaturization, multi-functional and high-density packaging has become an important part of advanced electronics manufacturing industry.

The increased integration density and performance also brings the increase in the power density.

Beside the chips design, the performance and reliability of high-power devices are mainly limited by the thermal conductivity of the interface.

Aiming at application of nanomaterials and technologies to the micro-and nano-scale high-density packaging and manufacturing, the current project will utilize aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs), CNTs buckypapers or graphene as fillers, combined with polymer composites (epoxy), to develop thermal interface materials (thermally conductive adhesives) with excellent performance that can optimize the heattransfer between the surfaces of the chip and component/cooling device. nanoresearch company.

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