Glonatech at “PaintIstanbul 2014”

paint-istanbul 2014 exhibition and glonatechGlonatech S.A., subsidiary company of ONEX, participated in “paintistanbul” 2014, the Paint & Coatings Industry, Raw Materials, Auxiliary Products Exhibition & Congress, which was held on the 22nd and 23rd of October, 2014 at the CNR EXPO Centre of Istanbul.

Dr. Stephanos Nitodas, Business Development Manager of Glonatech S.A. co-authored a paper titled “Effects of carbon nanotubes on the mechanical strength of self-polishing antifouling paints”, which was presented at the Conference by Assoc. Prof. Levent Cavas of Dokuz Eylul University.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the mechanical strength of the self-polishing antifouling paints, due to the fact that the mechanical strength of antifouling paints is also an important parameter for the service life of coatings.

The results of the present study showed that optimum amount of CNTs may finally increase the mechanical strength of self-polishing antifouling paints.

Antifouling paints are of great importance for vessels, for the prevention of bio-fouling.

Since the tributyltin-based paints were banned, because of their genotoxic effects on non-target marine organisms, intensive research on the development of eco-friendly antifouling paints for this purpose has started.

During the conference the participants from diverse groups of the international scientific and industrial community exchanged ideas and knowledge about the current issues in Material Science & nanotechnology applications in coatings.

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