International Workshop on Marine Nanocoatings CARBONCOMP

Glonatech S.A., the nanotechnology company of ONEX Group, participated in the International Workshop on Marine Nanocoatings, which took place in Izmir, Turkey, on the 2nd of April, 2015.carboncomp-logo

Dr. Stephanos Nitodas, Business Development Manager of Glonatech S.A., presented a general overview of the research project CARBONCOMP, which is coordinated by Glonatech and funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program.

The purpose of this presentation was to highlight the significant fouling release capability of the nanostructured coatings, developed with Glonatech’s multi-wall carbon nanotubes. The beneficial effects of these novel coatings on marine environment and cost reduction in the shipping industry were also demonstrated. In addition, Dr. Nitodas presented other research activities of Glonatech in the fields of nanosafety, nanoelectronics as well as aviation and marine transportation.

CARBONCOMP is an acronym of FP7 supported project titled “High-throughput development of carbon-polymer nanocomposites for marine applications”.

The main objectives of the project are the design, development, characterization and up-scaling of novel polymer-based nanocomposites for marine coating applications. The activities of the current proposal are expected to provide a powerful insight on the fundamental mechanisms that determine the phenomena observed in nanoscale and to facilitate their applicability to other industrial sectors.

The proposed research plan represents a key that enables manufacturers to maximize profits and gain competitive advantage with the use of novel technology. Optimization of the processing input parameters will be carried out in order to achieve desired processability, increased performance (mechanical, electrical or thermal properties) and improved antifouling properties. The duration of the project is 48 months, and it is expected to be completed by September, 2015.

During the Workshop, which was hosted by the Dokuz Eylül University, delegates from diverse groups of the international scientific and industrial community exchanged ideas and know-how about the current issues on materials for transportation in general, and discussed the recent developments in the field of marine nanocoatings.

The Workshop was organized as an outreach and dissemination activity of the CARBONCOMP project and was open to all academics, master and Ph.D. students from universities and R&D professionals from the coatings industry.

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