GLONATECH SA at the service of National Defense: Presentation at the Hellenic War Museum, Athens.

The multiple capabilities of Nanotechnology products for the protection and safety of the Armed Forces staff in their workplace, were presented by the executives of GLONATECH SA, Mr. Stephanos Nitodas, Research & Business Development Manager and Vivian Mimigianni, Researcher, in a workshop that was co-organized by the Greek Ministry of National Defense with the Greek Association of Safety Technicians, on 22/06/2017 at the War Museum.
At the event entitled “Health and Safety at Work in the Armed Forces”, Mr. Nitodas, in a detailed presentation, announced the latest developments in the field of production of advanced Nanomaterials, starting with GLONATECH’s new anti-corrosion paints with multilayer structures for application in repairs of the Navy, as well as data from recent company studies on the safety of their use.
Specifically, as Mr. Nitodas pointed out: “In order to overcome conventional technologies for the protection of the aquatic ecosystem that offer no innovation and are technologically inadequate and inefficient, nanotechnology as a promising science will offer improved end-product properties, reduced energy consumption and waste as well as more environmentally friendly solutions that will decrease costs and enhance sustainability. ”
“The research results from various toxicity studies carried out by GLONATECH in cooperation with European Union organizations are the outcome of the research conducted by GLONATECH…They are very encouraging and promising that in the near future any concerns will be removed “.
Concluding and commenting on the relative loophole in the legislation, Mr. Nitodas added that “specific guidelines should be followed during Nanomaterials life cycle, which would include the manufacture of nano-products, their incorporation into finished products, their use by consumers and their waste process… In the adoption of any directives, feedback from industry and restrictions by legislative bodies such as REACH will play a key role. However, the use of Nanomaterials in all cases is expected to expand significantly in the near future with multiple benefits for the technological development of constructions and of course for the creation of a safer working environment “.

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