Nanocom R&D Project

Call: ENIAC-2010-1

Reconfigurable microsystem based on wide band gap materials, miniaturized and nanostructured RF-MEMS

Project Number: 270701-2


The main objectives of NANOCOM are:

1) Explore new nanostructured materials to be used as dielectrics in RFMEMS devices to achieve higher reliable devices by minimizing charging effects and improving thermal dissipation under high power. High-k dielectrics such as PZT with a fine control of the nanostructure and composites, aligned Carbon Nanotubes in a Si3N4 matrix and doped poly crystalline diamond as well as diamond nanopillars;

2) Develop the design methodologies and technological process to achieve the integration of these MEMS switches in phase shifters and SPDT devices

3) Develop gas and pressure sensors and actuators of unprecedented performance that can be integrated with RF components of the same type to perform complex functions such as sensing/actuating combined with wireless transmission of data.

Carbon Nanotubes Production Inquiries.


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