Nanopolytox R&D Project

Call: FP7-NMP-ENV-2009

Toxicological impact of nanomaterials derived from processing, weathering and recycling of polymer nanocomposites used in various Industrial applications

Project Number: 247899


The main objective of NANOPOLYTOX is the monitoring of the life cycle of three families of nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, nanoclays and metal oxide nanoparticles) when embedded in selected polymeric hosts. The project will include monitoring of the chemical and physical properties of the nanomaterials and their toxicity from the synthesis, processing, aging, and recycling to their disposal, covering their migration and/or release during their life cycle.

The theoretical analysis of the data obtained during the project will lead to the development of predictive models to assess the biological and environmental fate of the studied nanomaterials. Moreover, the overall human health and environmental impact will be assessed by LCΙA analysis, specifically designed for nanomaterials.

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