Marine Coatings

The marine coatings developed by Glonatech and its partners do not contain any harmful for the marine ecosystem biocides as the 2nd generation antifouling coatings currently available in the market. The fouling release properties of the coatings result from the needle-like structure of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that can facilitate release of microorganisms responsible for biofouling.

marine coatings

These environmentally friendly coatings can reduce the flow resistance between the ship’s hull and the water and lead to significant reduction in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, while decreasing the maintenance and travel costs.

Financial impact also stems from the improved mechanical strength CNTs impart – at least by 30% – with respect to the existing paints and the fact that they can increase the lifetime of the coating up to two (2) times, compared to conventional coatings. Not to mention that products similar to these cannot be found in the market at such low cost.

This ensures extremely high worldwide competitiveness, while the coatings also comply with all current and forthcoming environmental regulations in the shipping industry.

Due to the unique combination of exceptional attributes/properties, these marine paints have a significant potential for application in other transportation fields when appropriately adapted.

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