Functionalized Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes – MWCNTs

Glonatech provides a variety of chemically functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes for several applications in powdered form or dispersions.


*based on request

Our functionalized nanotubes exhibit excenano-clothllent dispersability in a vast array of organic solvents, enabling the successful incorporation of MWCNTs inside plastics and resins.

Glonatech is also in the position to offer functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes with groups other than the ones in the above list, such as small molecules or polymeric chains, based on customer’s demand.


Polymer and ceramic composites, Marine parts and coatings, Automotive parts, Adhesives, Packaging, Sensors, Energy,Sports materials, Electronics


The functionalized line of our MWCNTs is ideal for applications where effective dispersion is critical for imparting superior properties to the final product. These applications include marine coatings (e.g. coatings with enhanced antifouling/fouling release performance), electrically conductive adhesives, lightweight sports equipment or materials and wind blades with improved mechanical strength, more efficient photovoltaics and faster electronic circuits.


Order Guidelines

Functionalized carbon nanotubes can be ordered in laboratory quantities starting at 10 g.

Please contact with your request for a quotation.

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