Polymer MWCNTs Masterbatches: ONEX MB 1000

Glonatech provides numerous types of multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) masterbatches with thermoplastics (ONEX-MB 1000) in small scale, which can be employed in a variety of applications such as automotive parts and plastic packaging materials. These masterbatches consist of pristine or functionalized MWCNTs and a thermoplastic polymer. Masterbatches are characterized by high processability and excellent mechanical and/or electrical or thermal properties.grains-nano

The thermoplastic polymer we mainly work with is polypropylene (PP) and we can also provide masterbatches with polyethylene (PE), PET, PA, andABS, among others.

Glonatech has developed a novel technique for the dispersion of nanotubes inthermoplastics, as a result of the in-depth knowledge and methodologies in the preparation of the nanocomposites that we hold, in order to accomplish strong interfacial bonding between the MWCNTs and the polymer matrix.

Glonatech’s MWCNTs are easily handled and can efficiently achieve the optimum processing conditions during extrusion, a fact that leads to an optimal apparent dispersion and reduction of energy consumption.

Glonatech can produce ONEX-MB1000 with up to 10% MWCNTs weight percentage. Upon your request you will receive a specifications table to support your order.


Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Electronics, Packaging, Plastics.


ONEX-MB 1000 can be applied to the manufacturing of interior and exterior plastic parts in the Automotive, Aerospace and Marine industries for enhancing their mechanical properties and/or protecting from electrostatic discharge (ESD). This product can also be used in sandwich structures – mainly but not limited to – marine and aerospace materials for improving, for example, their flame retardancy. Cables are a potential application, among others, in electronics and PET bottles for packaging.

Order Guidelines

MWCNT polymer masterbatches, ONEX-MB 1000 can be ordered in laboratory quantities from 1 kg and in industrial scale from 100 kg.

Please contact sales@glonatech.com with your request for a quotation.

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