Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes MWCNTs ONEX-MW 1000 Series

Glonatech’s pristine multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) ONEX-MW 1000, exhibit excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We have developed and produce Pristine MWCNTs with different purities, without the requirement for a post-production purification treatment, and tailored characteristics such as bulk density, diameters and length customized to the clients’ needs.nano-powder

Choice of the right type of multi-wall carbon nanotubes for a specific application is crucial for designing new MWCNT-based materials with the desired properties for our industrial partners.

Glonatech’s MWCNTs are quality leaders of the market. More specifically:

  • Our MWCNTs exhibit low bulk density, which results in more efficient, uniform dispersion in polymeric and other matrices as well as superior properties inthe final product
  • The processability of our MWCNTs during preparation of masterbatches is high and this also translates to low energy cost
  • The as produced MWCNTs are characterized by high purity, and as a consequence fewer metal particles are used for the synthesis of the nanotubes. In addition, our catalyst does not contain any toxic transition.
  • We have the capability of tailoring the properties of the nanotubes according to the customers’ applications and working with them toward development of MWCNTs­ based products.

Applying Statistical Process Control to our production methods, we ensure that the final product has consistent uniformity bringing Glonatech to the next level of quality.

This quality achievement places Glonatech in the lead of industrial nanomaterial producers, having the capacity of currently producing several tenths of tons/year.




Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Marine, Sports Equipment, Construction, Structural Monitoring, Biomedicine, Environmental applications, Composites, Energy, Plastics, Coatings


The multi-wall carbon nanotubes of ONEX-MW 1000 series are ideal for applications where high strength to weight ratio is crucial, such as the automotive and aerospace industries.

In the plastics industry, multi-wall carbon nanotubes can be used as additives to improve the properties of the final products.  In thermoset resins, MWCNTs can be employed as fillers for enhancing the performance of the final product.

In sports equipment (tennis racquets, hockey sticks etc.), Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes can enhance the materials’ performance without increasing their final weight.

Multi-wall carbon nanotubes can be used as additives in concrete and other building materials for rendering increased mechanical properties.

ONEX1000 series materials are among the most electrically conductive additives available worldwide and can be employed to fabricate sensors for monitoring various properties like strain, humidity, gases and crack propagation.

Multi-wall carbon nanotubes ONEX-MW 1000 can also be used in filters for water purification and for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater or greywater.

In addition, ONEX-MW 1000 can improve the flame retardancy of polymer composites. In biomedicine, it can be employed for controlled drug delivery and release, enabling the treatment of incurable diseases such as cancer.

Finally, ONEX1000 series Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes can be used in the fabrication of stronger surgical tools or as materials for orthopedic implants.

Oder Guidelines

ONEX-MW 1000 series products are sold in laboratory quantities from 10g, and in industrial scale starting at 10kg.

Please contact with your request for a quotation.

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