Resin MWCNTs Masterbaches: ONEX MB 1000RE

Glonatech provides masterbatches of multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) in various types of resins (e.g. epoxy, silicone), ONEX-MB 1000RE, in small scale, which can be employed in a variety of applications such as adhesives, marine coatings or resin-based parts.

liquidThese masterbatches consist of pristine or functionalized MWCNTs and are characterized by high processability and excellent electrical and/or mechanical properties.

Glonatech has developed novel protocols in order to achieve a ‘high quality’ of dispersion of nanotubes in thermoset resins. Our dispersion techniques for resins/MWCNTs nanocomposites increase to a great extent the mechanical properties of the final materials, as well as enhance their thermal conductivity and thermal stability.

Depending on the desired properties needed by the industry,Glonatech can be monitoring the dispersion of MWCNTs in resins, and thus, the final product will be having specifications according to the customer’s request.



The quality of the dispersion in all of our Nanotechnology products is tested with microscopic analysis techniques. Upon your request you will receive a specifications table to support your order. Glonatech can produce ONEX-MB1000 REwith upto 10% MWCNTs weight percentage.


Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Energy.


Coatings are the most common application for ONEX-MB 1000RE for Automotive, Aerospace and Marine applications. In addition, exterior and interior parts can utilize ONEX-MB 1ODORE in the aforementioned industries. Inthe Energy sector, the wind blades manufacturers can benefit greatly from the use of ONEX-MB 1000RE.

Order Guidelines

MWCNT resin masterbatches, ONEX-MB 1ODORE can be ordered in laboratory quantities from 0.5 kg.

Please contact with your request for a quotation.

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