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nanomaterial processing

As Glonatech desires to give integrated solutions to the customers provides nanomaterial processing.

Specifically Glonatech has effectively developed novel methods and techniques for upholding nanomaterial processing in products, applications, manufacturing and R&D services.

The nanomaterial processing includes:
• Functionalization
• Dispersion
• Plastics and resins processing

Functionalization refers to the chemical treatment of pristine nanomaterials to obtain certain properties forcing them to interact with the matrix and not with each other.

When MWCNTs are used as fillers for making polymer composites, it is extremely difficult to disperse and align them in a polymer matrix because they usually form strong bundles due to van der Waals forces between adjacent tubes. The functionalization of CNTs is an effective way to prevent them from aggregation allowing for improved dispersion. In addition, a strong interaction between the filler and matrix is important for effective load transfer across the interface. Glonatech is capable of developing advanced and specialized functionalization protocols and applying the appropriate methodology, as each matrix requires its own functionalization protocol.

The hydrophobic nature and strong Van der Waals interactions of MWCNTs often prevent the homogeneous MWCNT dispersion into matrices. An appropriate dispersion of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is a prerequisite for their use in improving the mechanical and/or electrical and/or thermal properties of final products and applications. The most common dispersion techniques for suspensions in a relatively low viscosity medium are sonication (using ultrasound) or mixing under high shear, which does not always brings off the desirable results. Glonatech has developed in-house techniques and possesses know-how and expertise for dispersing MWCNTS in different matrices, especially in polymers.

Understanding the influence of the process variables of MWCNT-based polymer composites is important for tailoring dispersion qualities, which affect the morphology and consequently the macroscopic behavior of the composites. Glonatech has adopted numerous processing methodologies for the preparation of MWCNT-thermoplastic/thermoset composites, depending on the specifications of the final product.

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