NSC R&D Project

Call: Cooperation 2011 (National Project)

Nanomodified Smart Concrete

Project Number: 5_1430

Website: www.smartconcrete.gr

The basic idea of the NSC project is the minimization of the use of steel reinforcement and the introduction of nanostructured carbon particles (carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers) as additives in concrete in order to enhance its mechanical properties and control cracking at the nanoscale, where cracks initiate, thus providing a high performance “smart” nanocomposite for structural health monitoring.

The structural integrity of the composites will be monitored in real time during their lifetime in simulated operational (mechanical and/or environmental) conditions, using the intrinsic multi-functional properties of carbon nanotubes, and more specifically its electrical properties, as sensors for predicting the level of damage and/or the potential failure of the structure.

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