Glonatech at CleanTech global competition in Silicon Valley again!

cleantech san franciscoGlonatech participated for the second time to the finals of the global competition CleanTech Open Global Ideas, which took place for the 7th consecutive year in San Francisco, USA, on November 17th to 19th, 2015.

Glonatech presented to more than 1,000 investors, entrepreneurs, representatives of organizations and media, the pioneering product NC52, which is the company’s proposal of for oil spill cleaning environmental problem.

Protection and Perseverance of the marine ecosystem

NC52 is a reliable solution for the protection and preservation of our planet’s marine ecosystem, by effectively preventing environment’s pollution, thus offering huge economic benefits.

The company’s R&D team has created an innovative nano-structured material from carbon nanotubes, which is characterized by the capability of adsorbing oil and its by-products in an aquatic environment. It has also certain technical characteristics which make it practically ideal for applications of oil spill cleaning. More specifically, NC52 does not sink, making its collection easier, it does not absorb water, and thus, its absorption capability of the oil is more that 95%.

Because of its structure NC52 cannot be compressed or squeezed and it does not outpour the adsorbed material. One of the most unique and important features of NC52 is the fact that it is recyclable, which means that it can be created again through combustion (burning process) and can be used again, without losing its adsorbing capability even after many times of use and that makes NC52 environmentally friendly.

It is a unique nanotechnology product and has a license patent. Moreover, NC52 is the ideal solution for water treatment and cleansing systems of industrial liquid wastes, due to its capability of adsorbing high percentages of heavy metals as well.

According to the company’s representatives to this global competition, Glonatech’s objective is to promote in the best possible way the Greek scientists and turn the global community’s attention to the technological capabilities of the Greek Industry!”

CleanTech Open is a non-profit organization, which this year celebrates 10 years of operation & contribution. Its mission is to discover, sponsor and promote new technologies in the sectors of energy, water management, construction and transportation. At CleanTech Open Global Ideas competition, smart ideas of “clean technology” start-up companies from all over the world are being presented, and wish to bring real revolution regarding the current energy, environmental and economic challenges.

More than 20 countries participate in this year’s event, presenting the most promising “clean technologies” globally.

Watch the video by Global Nanotechnologies SA: NC52

The Pioneering Product for Oil SpillCleaning!

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