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nanostructured materialsAnother solution from ONEX through the at-global-level innovative subsidiary nanotechnology company, Glonatech, (ONEX Global Nanotechnologies), which provides greater strength (durability), cracks prediction and future security via Research and Development in co-operation with Titan Group, etc.

The Nanotechnology Research Team of Glonatech participates in a crucial research program which aims at minimizing the use of steel reinforcement by introducing nanostructured carbon particles as additives in concrete, in order to enhance its mechanical properties and control cracking at the nanoscale, where cracks initiate.

The program, called “Nano-modified Smart Concrete (NSC)”, is funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology in Greece, and refers to the development of nano-modified concrete for the health monitoring of structural elements.

Therefore, with the suggested research, high performance “smart” nanocomposites will be manufactured, with the capability of structural health monitoring that predicts the level of damage and/or the potential failure of the structure.

Apart from Glonatech, the consortium consists of the cement and building materials producer “Titan Group” which coordinates the project, the company Niki, which specializes in information technologies and digital engineering, and three Greek Universities: National Technical University of Athens, Democritus University of Thrace and the University of Ioannina.

The scientific and technical team of Glonatech S.A. possesses several years of experience in the synthesis and handling of nanoparticles. Glonatech produces and markets carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and metal nano-oxides. In addition, it offers R&D services for the development of nano-modified polymers containing CNTs. The company is currently participating in three European and three national research projects related to the production of CNTs-based composites, mainly for the transport and electronics industries.

For more information on the research program “Nano-modified Smart Concrete”, visit the website www.smartconcrete.gr

For more information, kindly address to Mrs. Helen Vaiou-Sereleas, ONEX PR & Executive Assistant, evaiou@onexcompany.com Tel.+30-2106083465.


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ONEX Global Nanotechnologies S.A. (Glonatech) is a nanotechnology company offering nanoscience and nanotechnology solutions, products & services to global product manufacturers.
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