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A paper regarding nanocomposite materials, authored by Ms Paraskevi Mimigianni, Researcher at the R&D Department of Glonatech S.A., with the contribution of Dr Stephanos Nitodas, Dr F. Giannakopoulou, Dr G. Tsiakatouras, M. Koutsoureli and Professor G. Papaioannou, was published in the Micro Electronic Engineering Journal on April, 13th 2016.

This work presents an investigation of the electrical behavior of below percolation threshold CNTs-filled PDMS nanocomposites. Fabricated films were assessed with the aid of current-voltage characteristic and charging/discharging current transient method. The obtained results revealed the presence of a non-negligible hysteresis and the electrical conduction is found to be dominated by internal field emission processes. Finally, the role of change of direction of the applied voltage on the conduction processes has been investigated for the first time.

The title of the paper is “Conduction mechanisms in conductive multi-walled carbon nanotube filled polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) nanocomposites”.

The purpose of this stMnN_logo_2015.jpgudy was to investigate the electrical behavior of PDMS/CNTs composite materials. The result of this study showed that different conduction mechanisms dominate the electrical conductivity of elastomeric resin nanocomposites.

Also, the electrical conductivity is highly depended on the different methods used for the fabrication of the nanocomposites. This helps us to understand the principal under which carbon nanotubes bring enhancements in electrical properties of nanocomposites.

Part of the results of her Master Thesis was orally presented by Ms Mimigianni at the international conference “Micro & Nano 2015”, organized by the “Micro&Nano” Scientific Society, which was held last October in Athens.

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