Tanocomp Nano Research and Development Project

Call: DE/11/LLP

Training on the nanotechnology aspects of plastic composites with enhanced properties for use in high-strength applications

Project Number: LdV/TOI/147426

Website: www.tanocomp.eu

TANOCOMP will aim at facilitating the technology transfer process in the field of nanocomposites in European countries.

The competence of the Consortium (Glonatech S.A. and Aitiip) on the functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and their incorporation in polymer and plastic materials will be employed for the education and training of stakeholders in the plastic fields (mainly packaging, automotive, agriculture and aeronautics) in Germany, Cyprus, Spain and Greece.

Through the development of e-learning modules the training on the TANOCOMP processing method will be transferred to stakeholders as well as scientists and key personnel of SMEs in the partner countries.

Beyond that the project intends to raise awareness on the benefits of the technology itself as well as its relevant application areas by organizing dissemination workshops in Germany and Cyprus. TANOCOMP training will create competitive advantages for participants such as improved performance and lower production costs.

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